Lie to him

It was true, but I felt that if I didn’t lie to him, our relationship would fall apart.

RIKI Are you stupid? I have no idea what you’re talking about, but both Kyousuke and I are guys, so it’s out of the question.
MASATO I see… It somehow seemed like it wasn’t impossible…
RIKI It’s impossible.
RIKI So, your turn Kyousuke. Who do you like?
KYOUSUKE Right now, Riki’s number one.

Mutual love!?

MASATO Riki… Are you blushing?
RIKI No, no… That’s totally impossible…
MASATO Your face is all red.
RIKI I wonder why, maybe I’ve caught a cold…

What should I do…? Kyousuke likes me too…
We’re both guys, but it’s Kyousuke, so…
Wait, what the heck am I thinking about…!?

MASATO He started sweating, is he okay?
RIKI I’m okay… Don’t worry about me…
MASATO If Riki liked Kyousuke too, they’d be a total couple.
MASATO Thank goodness, if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to be together with Riki any more.

A love triangle!?
Aah, what am I thinking about, seriously…
We’re all friends. We’re linked by friendship.
Having indecent thoughts like this, it’s a desecration of our friendship.
Calm down, me.

KYOUSUKE Riki, you wanna do it with me?
KYOUSUKE What’s wrong? I meant tabletop baseball.

Uooooh, what a misunderstanding I just had!!
It’s a desecration of our friendship…
God of friendship, forgive me…

KYOUSUKE I choose “Ocean”.

And so the night went on…


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