Kyousuke Route

KYOUSUKE I see… So Riki chose us, huh…
KYOUSUKE Then, we’ll have some real fun, without losing to them.
RIKI Again that competitive spirit of yours…
KYOUSUKE Tomorrow’s classes? Hah, who cares about that!
RIKI Nobody asked you anything yet.
KYOUSUKE Right now, our only concern is to enjoy this moment to the fullest, is everyone ready!?
RIKI Eh, ready for what?
KYOUSUKE Of course, ready to feel some excitement!
KYOUSUKE It’s coming… It’s coming at an unbelievable speed, our Saturday Night Fever!
RIKI It’s Tuesday.
KYOUSUKE It’s heeeere!

(tempo passa)

MASATO Move forward by four squares. Whoa, another debt…
KENGO Ah, a child was born.

This wasn’t living up to the hype just now…

KYOUSUKE Getting together with guys like this isn’t too bad sometimes, right?
RIKI It isn’t… But why did you make such a big deal out of it?
KYOUSUKE By the way, we’re keeping this up ‘til morning.
RIKI I’m already tired and sleepy.
KYOUSUKE All right, then let’s switch to tabletop baseball.
RIKI We’ll get tired of it right away, let’s crash already…

How can he even play those games everyone’s gotten tired of already…?

KYOUSUKE I choose “Southern Sea”.

This person really was an eternal child.
(tempo passa)

MASATO Fuwa… I wanna sleep…
KYOUSUKE What’s wrong, already retiring here?
RIKI It’s no wonder since we’ve been playing board games for four hours straight.
KYOUSUKE Then, let’s see…
KYOUSUKE Let’s talk about love. Exciting, right?
RIKI Like a night on a field trip…
KYOUSUKE Do you have someone you like, Riki?
RIKI Why do I have to start… How about you?
KYOUSUKE So, who do you like?
RIKI Then, I don’t like anyone either.
KYOUSUKE That can’t be true, you’re at that age now.
RIKI Then it can’t be true for you either. So you start.
KYOUSUKE So, who do you like?
RIKI Masato, Kengo, say something.
KYOUSUKE They don’t have anyone they like.
KYOUSUKE So, who do you like?
RIKI Why just me?
KYOUSUKE Come on, let it off your chest, you’ll feel better.
RIKI Didn’t you see what I did before? I just refused to go with Komari-san and stayed here instead.
MASATO So wait, does that mean that rather than girls, you like Kyousuke?
KYOUSUKE Eh, is that true…?

He was staring at me with a serious look in his eyes.

Say it’s true

Lie to him


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